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Because if you look good and dress well, you don't need a purpose in life.

:: Wednesday, April 30 ::

Worn Out

I've reached the point of being tired that no amount of sleep will fix.

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:: Wednesday, April 23 ::


Forgive me if I don't write for awhile. Not sure if I can be lighthearted and shallow at this point. Hope to be back soon.

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:: Tuesday, April 22 ::

Soundtrack to my Pain

I've learned that nothing is better to listen to than Delila when you're sad. She knows, she understands, she plays sappy-ass love songs that make you feel like shit. But it helps. Don't know why, but it just does.

Thank you, Delila.

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:: Monday, April 21 ::

Would you rather...

Have an orgasm every time you hear the word "pancake?"


Burst passionately into the chorus of "Come on Eileen" upon reaching climax?

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Wannabe gangster

Click it you trick ass bitch:

Mobster Game

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Things I Learned About Myself Easter Weekend

1. I am too lazy and too cheap to drag my laundry down to the basement to wash, but I will skip down there and drop three whole quarters on a Diet Coke.
2. I could eat ranch dressing on everything.
3. I have a low pain tolerance when it comes to strep throat.
4. When I have a fever, I have the most fucked-up dreams. (All I know is that there were monkeys.)
5. I totally cannot fold a contour sheet.
6. Speaking of cotour sheets, I can't put them on a top bunk without falling off.
7. If I wait a while to tweeze/wax the eyebrows, they begin to form as one.
8. I am not a diva.
9. If I am sick enough, my parents will give me anything.

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:: Wednesday, April 16 ::

Nicole is going crazy

I always know it's time to get my lazy ass to clean my part of the room when my slightly anal-retentive roommate Nicole starts leaving messages for me on the dry-erase board.

Sunday: "Time to clean...I'm going crazy!"
Monday: "Please clean...please, please, please!"
Tuesday: "Clean up, you dirty bitches!"

I came home from class today (revelling in the fact that I didn't have to go back to my yucky sucky blow-ass job) and finally tackled the disastor area that my corner had become. It's a sad day when you realize you had more clothes on the floor of your closet than you have hanging up. I'm seriously not that messy of a person, but when I get busy then my clothes tend to go to shit. I am a quick cleaner though...mainly becasue I just stuff everything into my laundry basket.

So the bad news is that now I have to do laundry. Except I have no quarters. Dammit!

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:: Monday, April 14 ::

Peace at last

Had a great time at the Loveable and Adorable's formal this weekend. Came back just in time for drama and bullshit to recommence. Want to got back to Bloomington.

God I love my life.

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:: Friday, April 11 ::


Battle lines drawn.

Weapons loaded.


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:: Tuesday, April 8 ::

Save Lives

If you're not doing anything tomorrow and you are in the St. Louis/ St. Charles, Kansas City, or Jeff City, Mo area, please please please give blood. The annual Greek Week Blood Drive is being held and there are satellite drives in those areas. Not only could your single donation save three lives, but there is a world record for the most units gathered in a single day at stake. This is another great way to support our troops, as well.

If you think you might give, I would also appreciate it if you gave in the name of Kappa Kappa Gamma of Columbia, MO, for first and foremost...GIVE BLOOD!!!

I'm giving too!

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Why am I poor?

I never see anything I want to buy until I am completely broke.

Especially when JCrew is having a 50-80% off clearance on some really really cute things. Dammit.

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:: Monday, April 7 ::

Claire thinks I have a nice personality

We had a party last week called Gone Commando. It was an army theme, because you know, nothing says "let's support our troops" like public drunkeness and camo mini skirts. As the social chair, I take a lot of pride in being able to plan parties that offend as many people in a single sitting as possible. Our other favorite target groups are poor people and criminals.

It was a great time until Liquor Patrol crashed the party. Twelve people got Minor in Possession tickets, including the DJ. But he did leave five good CDs behind for the rest of us to play, and we rocked out to such favorites as "Movin on Up," "Bust a Move," and everyone's current favorite (seriously, I love this song) "Remix to Ignition."

Meanwhile, Claire, whom we call Peanut for reasons we have long since drowned out and forgotten, is telling everyone how great we are for sticking it out. She's running around telling everyone that the ones who stayed are the ones with the best personalities. This is nice to hear, because I think my mother was the only one to ever acknowledge that I even have a personality to begin with, much less a nice one. Cheers to Peanut.

I think you have a nice personality as well.

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If I had a million dollars...

I was the only one of Mizzou's new Tour Team members to answer that survey question with a lyric from the Barenaked Ladies song. Does that make me really cool, or a huge dork? I guess it depends on which part of the song I quoted:

"i'd buy you a green dress, but not a real green dress...that's cruel."

That's the best part of the song. And seriously, if you really had a million dollars what the fuck else would you do with it?

(Shop....damn straight.)

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:: Sunday, April 6 ::

Rain, rain go away...

Warm the fuck back up, bitch.

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:: Saturday, April 5 ::

Big Loser

Yeah, I'm staying in tonight, despite offers of free beer for girls at the Beta rush party. I stayed in last night too, but after kind of a bad morning with skit stuff, I'm just not in the mood.

I hate rush parties anyway. There are always only 2 actual rushees there and the actives are just trying to show off how many girls they can get. I am not some frat boy's trophy bitch, you know? All my suitemates are going but I don't even know any Beta's and I don't even feel like dealing with it.

At least my clothes are going to have fun tonight. I am sending my shoulder-tied black top and red-beaded tie-belt to the party on Ashley. She looks awesome (as always) and after all, nothing is harder than dressing for an ex-boyfriend (as asshole Jeff is a Beta).

Have fun shirt and belt!

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:: Friday, April 4 ::

Gone Horribley Wrong

I've had my first official flop as social chair.

Last night was the Gone Commando camo party that I've been planning for months and months. It didn't go so well. Fisrt, buses were so and there weren't enough shuttling. Second, Liquor Patrol was at McBaine's in force. Even the DJ got an MIP.

I was so pissed off last night. We spend way too much money on our social budget to have stupid LP break up our parties. People literally got off the bus, saw LP, and got back on the bus. I felt really bad for all the TriDelts who got tickets. That has got to suck.

But I was the trooper. I stuck it out. I hung out with the owner and listened to him bitch about how he was going to make no money. And then when LP left, he opened the bar and made all drinks a dollar.

"Have fun, boys and girls," he says.

Yeah, it kinda sucked. Yeah, nobody was really there. Yeah, I was a little tipsy and punched a wall in the bathroom (well, more of a smack). But I am still getting the tshirt and I still had a good time.

And I would just like to say thank you to Peanut for thinking that I have a nice personality.

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