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:: Friday, March 21 ::

Spring Break starts today!

If you need me, I'll be in Fort Myer's Beach.

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:: Thursday, March 20 ::

"There's Something For You Downstairs..."

Yeah for getting flowers!

Despite tests and stress it has been a wonderful week, the highlights being having been chosen to be on the university's Tour Team (a student recruitment group that gives tours of campus to prospective students) and waking up to having received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the Loveable and Adorable this morning (with irises, one of my favorites).

This means:

A. He loves me. A lot.

B. I can now quit the yucky sucky job with the ticket office.

C. Midterms are done.

and D. I go on Spring Break tomorrow.

I really can't wait to leave tomorrow, and I really love the flowers. I am such a girl.

But they are seriously so pretty. I am not even kidding.

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:: Wednesday, March 12 ::

Cram Session

It's Midterm Week for Meagan!

I just finished my American History test, and rocked out, if I might say so. Tonight I have Comm 75, which will suck big balls. Friday I have Art History and next week I have Geography.

So it would make sense that I would be studying my cha-chas off. Perfect sense. But I haven't.

But I have written and cast a Greek Week skit (god bless directing), worked out every day (lost 3 pounds), gone to every single class, and worked a double shift (go Tigers).

My life woulkd be so much better if school wasn't in it.

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:: Thursday, March 6 ::


I fucking hate it when shit gets fucked up for no fucking good reason.

I am quitting school.

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I can smell myself

The worst thing in the world is when you get in the shower after having gone out, and as soon as the water hits your hair, the bar funk smell permeates the entire room. And then you go to bed all clean but your pillow smells just as bad.

I hate that.

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:: Wednesday, March 5 ::

Fun with Hazing

The best part about being active in the Greek system is getting to watch all those crazy frat boys do their crazy frat boy thing. Usually this amounts to watching some wild antics during Recruitment Week while they try to attrach the attention of several hundred potential sorority girls. But this afternoon we had a nice show on our front lawn.

That's when Manion got duct-taped to a chair in our front lawn, wearing nothing but his boxers and a very strained smile. After he lavaliered one of my pledge sisters, his fellow frat boys decided he needed to be "rewarded" for his deed of love. So a good amount of girls pour outside to watch him yell at Lindsay's window, and to watch our house mom (usually evil and cranky) take pictures. It took a good 20 minutes to free him enough to come inside, and another 20 to cut his wrists apart.

I commend his brothers for their excellent use of duct tape.

Oh, and neve fear...we will be tsaking Lindsay over to their house and returning the favor.

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:: Monday, March 3 ::


That's just sweet.

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:: Sunday, March 2 ::


Many thanks to my friends at Shelton Studios for the blog makeover. They're great.

Gotta love the pinkness.

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:: Saturday, March 1 ::

Greetings from B-Town

I am spending the weekend with my Loveable and Adorable. We sre having a nice quiet weekend together, even though he really really really wants me to go to one of his frat brother's apartments for a party tonight. I am being obstinate and saying no like a spoiled toddler. Serves him right for not telling anyone here that he lavaliered me.

Anyway, like I said, quiet weekend. Which to me means one thing...laundry. Being flat ass broke, I have drven four hours withmy dirties to save the fivedollars in quarters it would have cost to do my laundry at the house back in Columbia. It's a pain in the ass, but I get the Greatest Girlfriend Award for doing all of the Loveable and Adorable's laundry. I hate laundry, but doing it here is better than hauling it up and down three flights of stairs and paying a dollar a machine. Just one more reason I am looking forward to having my own apartment next yeaar so that when I avoid doing my laundry, I can avoid doing it in my own space.

The Loveable and Adorable has FINALLY gotten an offer for an interview for a job. It is from a St. Louis-based company wanting to expand their business up to Bloomington, IL. We were very pleased to receive this news, being that it might open some doors for an actual St. Louis job. (This is what I want, because I am a greedy and egocentric little bugger) This also means we are going out to dinner, broek as we both may be, because this is a much appreciated development in the long-distance relationship department. The Loveable and Adorable being in the STL is the most ideal outcome after he graduates this May.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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