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Because if you look good and dress well, you don't need a purpose in life.

:: Friday, January 31 ::


There are exactly 250 days until I turn 21.

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It's getting hot in herrr.

Yes, I know these people. They are my friends and this is what we have done on several occasions in the name of drunken entertainment. I never said it was smart, or safe, but it is pretty damn funny.

And you thought the only memorable thing to come out of Springfield, IL was Abraham Lincon.

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:: Thursday, January 30 ::

It's in the Double X, yo.

There's got to be something in my female chemical makeup that so forcefully pushes me to the acquisition of as many pairs of shoes as possible. I have a good amount considering the budget I work on and I just bought two more myself. Cute ones, too. Did I need them? Need being from a survival, like air and water and a good calcium supplement point of view? No, not really. But there was just something about the way those strappy little bastards just reached out and said, "Hark! Your ankles will appear thin and your calves will become defined just by putting me on! Your entire wardrobe will be complete with my purchase! Your life will be whole! There will be world peace and food for the children!" All this and just one little pair of shoes.

And there's something in my female chemical makeupwomen that makes me think that this sentiment makes sense. Yes, there will be peace! I will never need to shop again with THESE shoes sitting in my closet! I can hear the shoes calling to me. It's a dangerous thing, my friends, to have shoes talk to you. I can communicate fluently in the many languages of all accessories. I walk into a mall and I hear music. Shoes, purses, jewelery, belts...they all sing to me.

And I know I am not the only one. I can drop hundreds of dollars in a single swoop and not blink an eye...and I am not alone! Women all around are willing to shop til they drop and I can assure you that the better part of that dropped denero, that squandered scrilla, has been invested in footwear. I don't care what season, what's in style, who's wearing it, or who's selling it. Sandals, boots, slides, platforms, flats, mules, flipflops. Close-toe, open-toe, dress, casual. I have them all and I love them all. And as much as I love the pair I just bought, with their pointy little toe and their sexy little heel, I know that next week I will find another pair I will love just as much. And a purse to match them.

I like to think that it's just my own little way of supporting my nation's struggling economy.

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:: Tuesday, January 28 ::

State of the Union Address Observations

1. Too much up and down going. I almost got dizzy watching all those stodgy old men and stiff-faced women keep getting to their feet after every couple sentences.

2. There must have been some kind of Valentine's Day love theme going on with the ladies. They liked the pink and the red this year.

3. All the audience members they showed look about ready to fall asleep or croak on the spot.

4. Maybe if Congress would stop clapping and start listening things would get done in this country and we wouldn't be headed into economic turmoil and a potential world war.

5. Hillary Clinton just looks like such a bitch. And you could totally tell she was smiling her way through some bitchyass comments to the person next to her while President Bush was talking about the economy.

6. Pro-war propaganda much?

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:: Sunday, January 26 ::

Superbowl Sunday

Ok, I'm not going to try and pretend that I even cared about the game. In fact, I gave exactly two and a half shits. All I wanted to see was the commercials. And the big winner in my book was the Office Linebacker commercial. I have no idea what product they were trying to sell, but it was a great commercial nonetheless. ANother favorite was the "Marijuana impares your judgement" teen pregnancy drug awareness commercial. That one got a great reaction.

And by the way, who else thought that Shania Twain looked like Elvira on crack...with bigger hair? When is she going to realized that she isn't a rock star, and that NO ONE should wear thigh high boots?

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:: Friday, January 24 ::

Tastes like...

I've seen the Hardee's commercial with the chicken that has a censor block over it's breasts so many times I know it by heart, and every time I see it, I wonder how they get every chicken sandwhich to be the same size piece of chicken breast. I mean, every single one is supposed to be 2/3 of a pound, and I find myself saying to myself, "Damn, that's a big piece of boob." Is there someone out there getting paid to make sure all the chicken sandwiches are D-cups and not As?

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:: Tuesday, January 21 ::

Back to school, back to school...

New semester. New room. New major. New set of fat books that cost way too much fucking money.

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:: Thursday, January 16 ::


I'm never going to get tired of staying with my loveable and adorable boyfriend, even if his room is frigid and his apartment has hard water. This was a surprise visit, as I do not have class until Tuesday morning (at 8 am, yucky sucky).

My loveable and adorable boyfriend has a new roommate. She is a two month old boxer-collie mix named Morgan, and she is the cutest thing in the world. At least, she was until she started chewing on the sleeve of my sweater. That took the cute factor down a notch or two. But then she fell over trying to climb on the couch and the approval ratings went back up again.

I'm going to steal her.

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:: Saturday, January 4 ::


I know it's going to be a greatyear for the following reasons:

1. My loveable and adorable boyfriend was my first and last kiss of 2002, and first of 2003.

2. Oprah said so.

3. I have washed my hair and worn makeup every single day so far.

4. Buy one get one half off at Payless.

5. First party of the second semester is the weekend after we get back, and not only is my loveable and adorable boyfriend going to come see me, but the party favors are pink underwear and beer mugs. Sweeeeeet.

6. You can get some really good wine for under $5 a bottle, and it's really good when drinking it in a hot tub. You know what else is good ina hot tub? Nevermind.

7. New year, new semester, new major.

8. Snow on the ground and adorbable scarves and hats and gloves to wear.

9. I already have the money saved for my Spring Break trip.

10. Dude, I so turn 21 in 2003. Like, only 10 months, yo.

Happy 2003, everyone!

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