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:: Thursday, November 21 ::

I've checked my email eight times today.

Every time, I have this glimmer of hope that maybe THIS time I'll get mail. A quirky little e-card from my honey, a note from Mom, pictures from my sister, annoying chain letter from my cousin begging me to do my part in saving a starving cancer-ridden child's life by sending this on to ten people in ten minutes...but there's nothing. A big fat black hole of emptiness that is my inbox.

Maybe if I check one more time...

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Have you ever gotten that warm, glowy feeling all over when you realize just how much in love you are?

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A Sight to Behold:

Forty-five college girls, half of which dressed as school girls, crammed into one small TV room, screaming "SHACKER!" and throwing things at the television when Helene spent the night on the Bachelor season finale.

Must of worked though, Helene got the rock, after all.

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:: Tuesday, November 19 ::

Some Like it Hot

November in Missouri, as I am finally beginning to understand, is not like November in any other normal part of the world. One day it is beautiful, cool, and just plain autumnish outside. And then the next day it's friggin August. This causes chaos for my body. Hot and cold and hot and cold and hot and cold. My thorat hurts and my nose is itchy and I hate seasons right now.

But most of all, I hate what havoc is wreaked on the heating in my house. I live in a new addition to an old old old building and the heating/cooling works really really well. Meaning, in August we were bundled up and knocking frost off our eyeliner and now we're walking around in shorts like Jimmy Buffet in Margaritaville. Our house mom has the boilers on, which is the bane of in-house girls everywhere. It's hotter than a 10 cent whore on nickel night in here.

My roommates are in bunk beds against a wall, whereas I am in a single right by the window. They want to window open at night so as not to smother in their sleep from the intense heat. I want to keep the window closed so as not to freeze from the winter cold pouring in from outside. This has caused not just a couple buttings of heads here in Room 15. There is no compromise. I hate sleeping with an open window. They hate being hot. What to do, what to do.

The window is staying shut, dammit. Okay, half shut. Okay, only open a little. Okay, however you want, I'll just snuggle down in the covers. okay, I'll sleep on the floor.

Wake me up when it's May.

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:: Monday, November 18 ::

Weekend at home of wonderful and adorable boyfriend - awesome.

Frat brothers of wonderful and adorable boyfriend calling you hot - awesome.

Homecooking of wonderful and adorable boyfriend's mom - awesome.

Getting second speeding ticket on way to visit wonderful and adorable boyfriend (before even going to court for the first ticket) - not so awesome.

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:: Thursday, November 14 ::

Overheard in the bathroom whilst in shower

"I've got a new thong on and I know how to use it.

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:: Wednesday, November 13 ::

Because no day is complete without a Pirate Joke

A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants. The bartender looks at him and asks, "Captain, what do you need that wheel in your pants for?" The pirate replies:

"Arg, it's driving me nuts."

Arrrrrrrrg, that's a classic.

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I just ate Chinese food so greasy that the paper bag it came in left a greasy pool on the table. How disgusting is that? And I ate it anyway.

Excuse me while I go unclog my arteries.

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:: Monday, November 11 ::

When I was five we had to paint jack-o-lanterns in kindergarten. Everyone made nice pumpkin faces with scraggly teeth and pumpkin eyes. Mine was the only one with eyelashes and bows.

Even pumpkins deserve to be pretty.

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:: Sunday, November 10 ::

Fall Party

The best part about going on a hayride with your honey bunny is that you get to snuggle in the hay. A roll in the hay, if you will. Shooting stars and picking out constellations only add to the atmosphere.

To the guy driving the tractor -
If you think that the most senic route for the hayride to follow is the one that also follows along side a major highway for ten minutes, you are sorely mistaken my friend. Shooting stars = romantic. The smell of deisel and gaudy election season billboards = not so much romantic.

And to the freshmen throwing the hay -
Stop it or we will haze you.

And to the woman making my amaretto sours all night long -
A little more amaretto and a lot less sour would be nice. Thanks.

And to my wonderful and adorable boyfriend date -
Call me, gorgeous, we should do this again sometime.

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:: Thursday, November 7 ::

Meagan's Happy Time

So let's say, hypothetically, Meagan has gotten all of her work done because she believed that she would be sober driving tonight. But then, hypothetically, the people in charge of the aforementioned hypothetical sober driving program called her and informed her that hypothetically she would not be needed tonight. Although good news, because Meagan did not want to drive drunk people around tonight, hypothetical or no, she now has nothing to do. So now, it's play time.

Meagan's roommate bought a long, bright red wig to wear for a costume party this weekend, as she is planning to attend as Daphne from Scooby Doo. As Meagan is attending the party as a shacker with her loving and adorable boyfriend date, Meagan does not have the opportunity to wear a wig. Meagan's roommate is freaked out by fake hair, so Meagan, who is not freaked out by fake hair, got to run around as a redhead for about an hour. Meagan has neither red nor long hair, so this was quite enjoyable, and she got to burst into people's rooms and scare them. Wigs are fun for Meagan. Wigs are fun for everyone, really.

And to top all of the antics off, Meagan's roommate also put on a deep pore cleansing mask so that she would be clean and clear for said costume party. The Scooby Gang may solve mysteries and roll around in a pimp van, but never was Daphne ever seen to have a single blemish or break out. (Zoinks!) So Meagan got to watch the roommate first apply a layer of shiny green goo and then hop around the room when it started to sting. And then run the the bathroom when the stinging sensation progressed to a burning sensation. But what Meagan most enjoyed was witnessing her roommate peel off the mask, one little piece at a time, like peeling her face off. If her face had been green and shiny, of course.

So the ladies of room 15 are feeling sassy in a red wig and deeply cleansed, respectively. It was a good night for the girls.

Meagan is a happy camper.

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:: Tuesday, November 5 ::

Positive Reinforcement

After a long weekend of building light fixtures for studio, I was much ready to take them in and show my professor what I'd done. I walk in, light in hand, and he stops what he is doing, turns to me, and grins. He then proceeds to gush about the Tuesday/Thursday studio class and how he is continually amazed at what we bring in to him and he wishes he could get the Monday/Wednesday studio to wake up and stop turning in crap.

This almost made me cry.

This is wonderful news to me. I am in continuous rotation between thinking I am going to fail out of school or that I will burst into tears in studio because I suck so bad. And then I get this wonderful compliment. I mean, this is the same man who doesn't make eye contact with students until they get into senior thesis courses.

My stuff isn't crap!!!!

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I have the best boyfriend in the world.

If anyone tries to argue with me I will kick your butt.

Watch out, buster, I have pepper spray.

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:: Monday, November 4 ::

November is my favorite month.

Not only is there a break from school, a holiday that revolves around a meal, and great sales the world over, but this November, I will be seeing my hunka hunka burning love every single weekend.

Now, for those familiar with the concept of a long-distance relationship, you will understand how awesome of a concept this is. And as for Mike and I, we haven't seen this much of each other since the summer we started dating. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with myself.

As for this weekend, it's my house's fall party, a two night extravaganzaa with another house on campus that everyone who is anyone is going to be at. The first evening is Come as You Aren't...so Mikey and Meagan are going as shackers. It's going to be great.

Shack attack!

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