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:: Monday, September 30 ::

Cost Estimating for Dummies

If you've ever done a cost estimation then you know how really un-fun they are. And I got stuck doing one last night for my Building Technologies group project. But that's not the best part.

My friend Liz and I were consulting another group member, who shall be referred to as Member X, about the final dimensions and quantities of materials used in the model we made. Normal right? Unless of course you know how many rafters and studs are used in a 16'x12' poolhouse off the top of your head. This was discussed by way of Liz's cell phone.

A few moments later, the phone rings and it goes a little something like this...

Liz: Hello.
Member X: They are complete idiots.
Liz: Who?
Member X: Meagan and Liz.
Liz: Really.
Member X: Yeah, they don't know anything about the model and all they are doing is bitching about having so much to do this weekend and how they don't want to do the cost estimation.
Liz: Really.
Member X: (pause pause pause) Uh Liz?
Liz: Hey.
Member X: I guess I called you, didn't I?
Liz: Yeah, I guess you did.

So that was cool. I'm a "complete idiot," which is good to know being that I have all of my classes with this girl and I will until we graduate. This should make things alll the more interesting in the studio today.

The best part, actually, was when she called back again to apologize and was basically begging Liz to forgive her. So now who's the idiot? She can't even figure out her redialing on her cell phone. The ride today to deliver the project should be good and awkward. Just the way I like to start my day.

But we did finish the cost estimation...by 4 am. It was really hard and very complicated, and took forever to do.

But maybe that's just because, you know, I'm a complete idiot.

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:: Wednesday, September 25 ::


There's rumblings upstairs...rumors are flying. Girls are in an uproar. Thunder on the stairs...be careful, you may be trampled in the stampede. Screaming, yelling, hair pulling. Hoarding, name-calling. You'd better hurry or it may be to late.

Free candy in the foyer.

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:: Tuesday, September 24 ::

Side Effects, Read Carefully

Being the miracle of modern medicine that I am, a trip to Urgent Care this afternoon determined that I have the stomache flu and am dehydrated. This is better than mono, which I was convinced that I had, due to massive amount of sleeping I have been doing. But hey, the flu is fun, too. And really, who doesn't love being dehydrated.

And I also picked up a prescription to combat the nausea. And I quote, " Possible side effects: drowsiness, dizzinesss, dry mouth, or nausea." This information kind of threw me for a loop. Afterall, I went to see the doctor because I was drowsy, dizzy, and nauseous.

Those aren't side effects...that's the medicine not working.

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A Question

Am I a bad person for wanting to laugh when a girl in my model-building group superglued her finger to a piece of balsa wood?

I didn't laugh, but I wanted to.

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:: Sunday, September 22 ::

A Conversation with My Grandmother (who has never used a cell phone)

Grandma: (yelling) Hello? Hello? Meagan Elizabeth! Are you there?
Me: (normal tone) Hi Grandma.
Grandma: (still yelling) Can you hear me? (to my father) Can she hear me with this thing?
Me: I can hear you Grandma. Are you guys going to be here soon?
Grandma: (yup, yelling): Yes honey! We will be there in a few minutes. Will you be waiting for us outside?
Me: No, I'll be in the foyer. Ring the doorbell.
Grandma: What?
Me: In the foyer, ring the doorbell.
Grandma: The What?
Me: I'll be outside.
Grandma: Alright dear, we'll come inside.
Me: Bye Grandma, see you soon.
Grandma: Bye dear! (to my mother) Joanie, how do you turn this damned thing off!!

Did my sweet old grandma just say "damned?" This is quite disturbing.

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:: Saturday, September 21 ::

Yucky Sucky

I hate being sick. Especially the sick that involves sleeping all damn day, puking my brains out, and feeling like you've been hit by a truck. Actually, at this point in time, I think being hit by a truck would actually feel good in comparison.

My dad thinks I have West Nile.

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:: Thursday, September 19 ::

Quote of the Day, Runner-Up #3

"She really wasn't cute, and she had that weird trashy-girl hair...you know, the crunchy crinkly all high-up ponytail with the two little pieces hanging in her face. And big roots. Big time roots. And really, they aren't roots anymore if they reach your ears."
-me, on the not-so-attractive homewrecker who tried to get on a pledge sister's boyfriend

Quote of the Day, Runner-Up #2
"If I were a shirt, where would I be? I know I wore it home last weekend...I know it."
-my roommate, on lost shirt

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Quote of the Day, Runner-Up #1

"I just got out of a staff meeting and I really don't feel like doing critiques of your design concepts right now. Everyone go home and come back in a couple hours."
-my design studio professor, on class this afternoon.

Thanks a lot. I really enjoyed the walk all the way across campus. And now I get to do it again.

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Quote of the Day

"There are a lot of just plain ugly babies out there, and a lot of parents who think they are cute, but I don't think I am speaking on a bias here when I say that my son is really cute. He is, really, and a lot cuter than me or my husband were. He's just cute."
-my boss, on her three month old son (who really is precious)

And the obligatory reply that my father always says when discussing cute babies:

"They make babies cute so you won't give them back."

Thanks Daddy.

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:: Wednesday, September 18 ::

Queen of Smooth

There are girls out there who move around this world with grace and poise. They always know what to say or do in any situation, and they always look good doing it. Once again I have proven to myself that I am not one of those people.

I went in to pick up my chair this morning. There was a class in the room, but my chair was near the door and I thought I could just sneak in and grab it without being in the way. And I almost made it.

I would have if it weren't for the large metal trash can standing near the door. My chair, being somewhat unweildy and bulky and cardboard, of course, knocked it over. Being the picture of grace, I ran away.

And to make matters worse, I definitely fell down the stairs, loaded with 50 pounds of cardboard chair, and totally rolled my ankle, which really hurt.

I feel so cool right now.

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:: Tuesday, September 17 ::

Random Thoughts

I wish I was tall.

I always think of Jamie Schmitt when I see toothpaste spit in the bathroom sink. It really freaks her out.

Access to a roof, a water-balloon sling-shot, and a lot of beer is not a good thing for six college boys to have.

For the price of the parking tickets I have already gotten, I could have bought a parking pass for half the semester.

My roommate farts in her sleep.

The phone never rings until you have seriously settled down to study.

There are never enough left-handed desks to go around, but it is really funny to see right-handed people try to use them.

An eyelash curler works best when you heat it up first with your hair dryer. (Or the heater in your car.)

There are a lot of old naked saggy women who use the natatorium at night.

A lot of guys show up to watch the sororities play flag football on Tuesdays.

You can't fall off the floor.

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Rain Rain Go Away

I like the rain. I like it especially looking at it from the inside out.

Rainy days make it hard to do things like go to work or go to class.

However, it makes it very easy to take naps.

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:: Sunday, September 15 ::

It was a long drive and a long weekend, but it was worth it.

I love you, Mikey, and I miss you even more. I hope you're feeling better.

Thinking of you.

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:: Friday, September 13 ::

The Friday Five (.org)

1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why?
I always liked English and history because I love to read and I always had great teachers that made it very interesting, but art was by far the best part of my day. I've always been very creative and loved to sketch and make things. It has led me to study a major that's an art emphasis, so it's a good thing I stuck with it. I still love my art classes now, and the out-of-class work doesn't feel like homework.

2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
I'v had several favorites all through school. Namely Huff, my high school art teacher, who was an awesome friend as well as instructor. I miss being in her classes.

3. What is your favorite memory of school?
In high school we had a big Spirit Week before Homecoming and every year the seniors wore togas and made the freshmen bow to them. My older sister was a senior when I was a freshman, so I bowed to her and her friends all that day. By the time I was a senior, it was a real thrill be able to make the kiddies do it, too. Hazing is so fun.

4. What was your favorite recess game?
I played Xmen all the time with my fourth grade boyfriend. He was Wolverine...I was Storm; he chased me around the playground and stole my headbands. It was a really meaningful relationship.

5. What did you hate most about school?
Having to take classes that had absolutely so bearing on my future. I never use anything I suffered through Advanced Chemistry or British Literature to learn. It seemed like a waste at the time, and it seems like a waste now.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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:: Thursday, September 12 ::

Mizzou Ticket Office, How Can I Help You?

Things I would love to say when answering the phones at work:

"All operators are currently not paid enough to care about your order. Try again later."

when we can't get the seats they want, start bawling and: "I'm going to get fired for this. I suck so bad."

"Hi, this is Kitty Bangsalot...what are you wearing?"

"Maybe if you wanted season tickets on the 50 yard line you should have called in March when they went on sale."

"How may I service your needs today?"

"For English, press one. For all other languages, call the Foreign Language Department for help."

Where are your seats? Up my ass...last row."

"Thank you for your order, never ever call again."

"Yo yo yo this is the Mizzou Ticket Office...what you want, bitch."

After answering phones for three hours this morning, I've come to the conclusion that customer service would be so much better without the customers. Thank you for your call.

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:: Wednesday, September 11 ::


I wrote this letter last September to leave with flowers at a memorial on the quad. I came across it this morning and found that it still speaks to how I feel about what happened a year ago.

To the Victims:
You lived in distant cities, and we have never met. Yet somehow, you are not strangers anymore. You are not faceless victims of a crime that will be easily pushed out of our minds. You are all of us: mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, lovers, neighbors, and friends, so your deaths have affected us all, in the deepest of possible ways. Your innocent lives have been lost in a terrible act of hate, and your sacrifice will never be forgotten. It is now up to us, the survivors, to ensure that you did not die in vain.

To the Survivors:
Though we are far from New York and Washington DC, we all feel the effects of the morning of September 11, 2001. The terrorists did not attack distant cities or murder a group of strangers. They attacked America, our home, our fellow citizens, and all of us who call ourselves American. The principles that construct the foundations of our country have been threatened and it is up to us to defend them.

This is not a time for retaliation, revenge, or continued hate. This is the time to put our grief aside, to brush away our tears and go to work. We must do all in our power to assist other survivors, pursue justice, and see to it that no more lives will ever be lost in the name of pointless hate.

May this tragedy bring America together. May the differences that have torn us apart in the past now make us strong. Let all colors, creeds, and races unite as one people, one nation and fight against the evil and hate in our midst. May those of us have left behind to mourn also carry on the memory of these events and never allow more lives to be senselessly taken in the name of hate.

I hope that every year on this day we take time and remember not only those who died, but those who survived as well. It is up to us to right this wrong, after all. Don't let September 11th become just another day marked on a calendar or Ground Zero just another stop on a site-seeing tour. Remember how you felt a year ago, how you were shaken to the core, and do what you can to celebrate life and keep peace in this world.

Stay safe, everyone. I love you all.

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:: Tuesday, September 10 ::

Things I Should Be Doing Right Now

1. Constructing a cardboard chair.
2. Paying bills and balancing my checkbook.
3. Cleaning my room.
4. Reading two chapters of Building Technologies and outlining the notes.
5. Working out.

Things I Am Doing Right Now Instead

1. Planning a spring break trip to Ft. Meyers Beach.
2. Checking my email half a dozen times.
3. Being sad about my far far far away boyfriend. (l&m)
4. Checking every away message on my buddy list.
5. Naming my unborn children. (William Michael and Julia Meredith)
6. Watching a Kappa Alpha Pledge Pin serenade and wondering why there are boys dropping their pants on our front lawn.
7. Thinking someone should have turned off the sprinklers.

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:: ...

I'm skipping class right this very minute.


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:: Sunday, September 8 ::

Dumpster Diving For Credit

Assignment: Build a children's chair using layered lamenated cardboard. Mission: Find 80 pieces of 2'x2' corrugated cardboard... Ah yes, a trip to Civic Recycling Center.

So there I am, ass deep in old cardboard boxes, all of which smells vaguely of old socks, gunning for one really sweet flat piece smack in the middle of it all. It's about 190 degrees and the threat of West Nile virus has skyrpcketed due to the excess of bugs flying around me. Being smart and planning ahead, I am wearing flipflops and a jean-skirt...prime cardboard stealing gear, if I might say so.

So I'm tugging away at the tricky bastard when suddenly another box falls off the top onto my exposed feet, spilling some sort of weird green powder all over. Now I probably have West Nile and anthrax. I so deserve an A for this.

After much more tugging and grunting and sweating, the back of my Civic is crammed so full of cardboard that the bumper threatens to scrape the ground as I drive away. I'm not good at stealing things, and even though I am technically recycling this stuff into something actually useful, I still feel a little guilty. I have a feeling of dread that I will be going to jail for cardboard smuggling.

After lugging all of this shit into the house, downstairs, and into the New Member Room, which has gone unused so far this semester, I come to find out that there will be a meeting there tomorrow after Chapter. There is enough cardboard down here to house a colony of homeless people. Goodie goodie gumdrops! I get to move it again!

And now I am chopping away at old stinky boxes, trying to create something that somewhat resembles a chair, and I'm a little but sick of it. It's amazing how you can come to hate inanimate objects such as wood glue, cardboard, and measuring tape. I think it will be cool though. Now I just need to find an eight year old to test it on.

At least today wasn't a total loss...I did get to buy a hard hat.

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:: Saturday, September 7 ::

mmmmmmmm jimmy johns

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:: Friday, September 6 ::

The Friday Five

1. What is your biggest pet peeve? Why?
Rude people in lecture halls and people who talk really loud on the phone like you care about their conversation. On the rare occasions I go to my lectures, I am there for a reason...and it isn't listening to shuffling papers, conversations, and loud sniffing. And if you get a phone call, go into the hallway or something. Please.

2. What irritating habits do you have?
I tend to obsess over trival things and get spastic about them. Also, I rarely use my turn signal or wait my turn at a 4-way stop sign.

3. Have you tried to change the irritating habits or just let them be?
I've come to terms with the fact that I am just a spaz and there'e not much to be done about it. I try not to bitch to the same people about the same things too much. As for the driving, I've gotten better about blinkers, but I mostly just a lost cause behind the wheel.

4. What grosses you out more than anything else? Why?
Snot and blood. They are sick and wrong. Worms freak me out too, but I think that's a whole different story.

5. What one thing can you never see yourself doing that other people do?
Random shacking and making out with people at parties and such. They seem to enjoy themselves, but it's not me.

Have a great weekend everyone! be safe and smart while I am staying home and being boring!


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:: Thursday, September 5 ::

God Bless Ethernet

The long wait is finally over and we finally have ethernet in our room. I have checked my email eight times, shopped online at every store I could think of, planned a vacation, and am finally updated the ol blog. About time, I know.

It's not my fault really. You spend two weeks screaming corny sorority songs (with lyrics such as "everybody loves a kappa. i'm a kappa. everybody loves me.") and marching around in formation being superficial and pretty and see how up to blogging you feel. Yeah, not so much. It sucked, but in a fun way.

Classes are in full swing. I don't have papers and reading to do, which is cool, but I started to get a squishy feeling in my tummy when my studio professor started talking about the "project intensive" program. I've already designed and built a model for a chair I will be building...out of cardboard. Which is cool if you think about it. We get to steal cardboard from the recycling place in town and actually use it for something functional. It won't just be shredded and made into more cardboard...some will be chairs for kids. I feel so ecological and environment-friendly. Kinda makes you want to go out and hug a tree, doesn't it.

The other good thing about classes being underway is all the stuff to do and silly frat boys to watch. Tonight we are holding serenades for our philanthropy, benefitting Boys and Girls Club, and it is my favorite thing. There is nothing better that having your front yard swamped by 18 to 22 year old guys making fools of themselves in the name iof charity.

And can I just say that it was a GREAT game of football this last weekend. We did stomp Illinois, who played like retards. How did they win Big 10 Champs? Now I am that more excited about the Braggin Rights Basketball game in December.

I'm from Illinois, but I learned better...GO TIGERS!

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