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:: Tuesday, April 30 ::

an experiment in procrastination

so technically, i should be writing my environmental design term paper which is due tomorrow that i've had 3 weeks to do and am still not done with. but this is a mere technicality. this is college afterall, not reality. instead of writing my paper today i played sims, cleaned the fish bowls, made my bed for the first time this semester, worked out, checked my email 8 times, took a nap,played more sims, sat at work staring off into space, sharpened all of my drawing pencils, read a magazine, ordered party pics from kite key anchor (yeah, i really am kissing a girl in one of them, i was so drunk), called my mom, and painted a color wheel. all of this...and i still skipped both of my classes today. i am so counterproductive. i think if i was in a coma i would get more done.

its amazing the things that become a priority when you have an assignment due in 12 hours.

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class of 2040

i like college. its a fun time. that is why i am looking forward to being here for another 8 or so years. i've always thought a 2005 graduation date was a little ambitious. why rush things? i'm thinking 2008, maybe 2010. thats a much more realistic date considering i have portfoio review in a week. a panel of 4 advisors in the environmental sciences department will be deciding my fate for the future. based on gpa and artisic ability. they will take 40 of the 81 applicants. the rest (whcih will most likely incluse myself) will be left to figure out what the hell is going on by themselves. i am going to be in college until i am 40.

you think that woud get me motivated and raring to go. no, not really. i think my ever-present feeling of dread is hindering any willingness to do actual work. that, and the sims. my broken game is no longer broken, thanks to my hacker boyfriend. the worst thing for a college students grades is a new and addictive computer game. i've been through them all: snood, spella pong, snowcraf, even yahoo bingo. my name is meagan, i am a random game addict. but the worst part is, no matter how much i play, i usually still suck. its a sad time to be me.

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:: Sunday, April 28 ::

10/8/82 = over 21

sorority functions are so odd. this one was kite key and anchor, a threeway with two other houses, hawaiian theme out at a bar called mcbaines. mu is a dry campus, so parties have to be offcmpus, and we have to ride buses out to wherever the function is. by national bylaws and standing rules, there was supposed to be a list for over and underage people. yet when i got off the bus and headed up there with my little "under 21 until 10 8 03" id, i got waved in without a glance. and then at the bar, they couldn't give me the beer fast enough. but thats not the weird part. when they were founded back in the day, sororities are supposed to be all these good girls who are all proper and ladylike and godfearing. at least that was the original concept. based on my observations, those godfearing girls can really knock em back. and then take some not so proper or ladylike pictures. but hey, its all in the name of fun. good clean greek fun.

i remember when first semester first started, there were all these signs around campus that most mu students have 0 to 4 drinks a week. and after a year here, i want to know who those people are and how they are the majority. from what i have seen, most mu students have 0 to 4 drinks an hour. and did they poll the frat boys? i don't think so. the pikes are wearing shirts around that say 18-68 drinks a week, which seems more accurate.

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:: Friday, April 26 ::

its naked time!

i like art class, but the thought of drawing a nude model just freaks me out. i should be more mature, i should be openminded and willing to try new things artistically, but then again...i want to be an architect, i want to draw buildings. so i am going to go in there with my big ol notebook and charcoals all sharpened and raring to go. but where do i look? what do i draw? do i draw his stuff? is he embarassed too? i don't think i will ever be broke enough to volontarily nude model. and honestly, if i was on the panel that is going to be reviewing my portfolio for the design program, i would not want to see that. flipping through my stuff...fruit still life, one point perspective drawing, self portrait, bam! naked dude...like a sneak attack. its almost rude. thses people are deciding my future, i don't want to be the perverted rude girl who randomly throws in naked guys like a playgirl fan or something.

i think i'll be skipping this one....

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:: Thursday, April 25 ::

that's my baby

boys are so cute when they surprise their girlfriends. the love of my life, the long distance boyfriend mike, has arrived a day early. ok, so its not a diamond ring or a cute little puppy or anything, but its still nice. at least this time i wasn't at the library like last time he was early. thats a great way to ruin the moment. "oh i love ya honey, but i'm studying so...go amuse yourself elsewhere." i'm just glad he's here, my little hunka hunka yummy goodness.

there is nothing better than falling asleep next to him. i'm telling you, nothing. because yes, we are going to be going to sleep tonight, you big perv. i have class tomorrow, and i have to have to have to go. even if it is boring and pointless, class is not just a mere technicality, though some days it feels like it. tomorrow is not one of those days!

i wonder if anyone else got hooked on the tv show, the bachelor like i did. the concept is like survivor, but instead of money, the girl who lats the longest gets a husband. and i am telling you, the girl who won is a real winner. i'm telling you, the man of my dreams is just the type to go on national television and haggle for me. where can i get mine? but really, amanda or whatever her name was, what a winner there. i think alex should have picked trista. but then again, if he is going to proposition for a wife on tv, he deserves the minivan soccermom wannabe rather than the cute high class miami heat dancer. it serves him right.

Listening to: Fuel - Bad Day

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well hello there...

as my first year of college here at the university of missouri is slowly winding down, i'm coming to realize that this is not a normal place, and the people here are not normal either. college is weird. seriously, where else can you sleep till noon, work for 2 hours, eat a meal, and then go back to bed for 10 more hours? where else can you skip every class, never open the book, but cram for a few hours and pull off a passing grade in the course? where else can you be praised and admired by your peers for being held upside down over a keg of beer and chug the longest? where else is ramen considered a normal, healthy and balanced meal, any time of day? i'm telling you, college is weird. its a random random place.

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